December 7 2016

Holiday Gift Guide – For Your Art and Design Loving Friend

So far we got all the men and women in your life covered but what do you get that one friend that’s all into art or design? You know, the slightly eccentric one that’s the toughest to shop for? Today, I’ve rounded up some gifts I think would be perfect for him or her. Now let’s dig in.

Above: Mikkel Blanket by Røros Tweed
“The Mikkel blanket combines inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and Norwegian traditional weaving on one side with a contemporary and exploratory use of color on the other. While working with the blankets the designer, Kristine Five Melvær, combined her two disciplines of industrial design and graphic design.”
Lufina Wovens $350


Eames Book
“Best known for their multifunctional modernist furniture and architectural designs, husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames integrated craft and design as pioneers in their field. This book features their innovative plywood and plastic furniture, the Case Study Houses project they designed during the mid-1900s, as well as their other important contributions to textile design, photography, film, and beyond.”
Poketo $14.99


LEGO Brick Cufflinks
“These cufflinks allow you to dress up and still maintain a spark of humor and individuality. Repurposed and recycled lost and forgotten pieces of memorabilia are converted into Lego cufflinks. Hand-crafted using real Legos, these tiles are epoxied to silver plated bezel cufflink posts.”
Guggenheim Store $30


Color Wheel Blanket
“Whether you’re a print or digital designer, or simply a casual color appreciator, the Color Wheel Blanket brings a pop of color wherever it lands. Draped over your couch, chair, or baby crib, or used on the go for picnics and outdoor concerts, the 32×36” size is perfect for designer babes, or as a lap blanket for grownups.

“Knit in the United States from cozy, soft acrylic. Multiple layers of yarn make for a plush feel and extra warmth. Fabric-finished edges lend a polished look. Available in CMYK, with a white background (go team Print!) or RGB on a black background (go team Digital!)”
Colossal Shop $84


Artist Wooden Dolls
“A modern take on Japanese Kokeshi dolls, which are customarily given as symbols of friendship, these cute wooden dolls caricature beloved and iconic artists. Made of schima superba wood.”
MOMA $42


Paris Map Necklace
“The “Urban Collection” series is to tell stories of travel and nostalgia. Israeli designer Talia Sari Wiener created this intricate map pendant that is uniquely inspired by the street grid of Paris, France. Map pendant: 1.2″ square, Gold-filled bead chain with spring ring closure.”
Cooper Hewitt $68


Color Wheel Pendant by Yellow Owl Workshop
“Presented in a unique glass vial packaging, this cloisonné pendant is gilded in 22 karat gold. Combine this with its 30″ long chain dipped in 18 karat gold, and you have a piece of jewelry with a charming sense of gold glamour.”
Guggenheim Museum $40


Prism Cateye Glasses
“This user friendly version of the prism glasses from h0les offer see-thru views while maintaining the mesmerizing prism look. This groundbreaking style is available in gloss black or matte cream with iridescent faceting around a meticulously-cut flat crystal lens. High-quality crystalline lenses, molded plastic frames. Each comes with a case.”
Whitney Shop $93


Barbara Kruger Vinyl Love Tote
“Barbara Kruger’s iconic montages juxtapose images culled from the mass media with provocative slogans and phrases. Here, one of Kruger’s vivid messages graces this vinyl tote. Measures 14 x 11 x 5 inch, with a six inch strap.”
Whitney Shop $68


“The Meural Canvas is a Wi-Fi-enabled digital canvas built to showcase artwork. Each frame gives you instant access to 30,000+ works of art and photography, and it’s easy to upload your own.”
Meural $595


Super-Modified Graphic Design & Lifestyle: The Behance Book of Creative Work
“ is the world’s largest network for showcasing and discovering creative work. In their first-ever book, Behance’s expert curators share an inside look at the trends driving today’s most exciting art and design creations.”
Gestalten $55


Monica Castiglioni Ring
“The daughter of Achille Castiglioni, a renowned Italian industrial designer, Monica is a jewelry artist, photographer, sculptor and graphic designer. Embracing an aesthetic that is both sculptural and organic, much of Castiglioni’s work is solid bronze and is cast in NY and Italy, using a lost-wax technique. Other materials include silver, felt, Pyrex and 3D printed nylon. Often the organic shapes that manifest in her work are representative of flower pistils, a source of inspiration for Castiglioni who is drawn to the juxtaposition of order and chaos represented in the flower’s biology. Fine craftsmanship and a deep understanding of proportion and materiality are evident in her broad range of work, which is collected by tastemakers across the globe.”
Monica Castiglioni (Price undisclosed)


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