April 6 2017

Sculptural Tree Blossoms with Mist-Filled Bubbles

At Milan Design Week, which is happening right now through April 9th, there is one installation that I’m sure is catching everyone’s eye. Studio Swine and COS have teamed up to create a tree-like structure that emits pale bubbles, which dissolve into white mist as they burst. A video was recently released that shows us how unique this sculpture is in real life. The bubbles burst when touched with skin but remain in tact when in contact with textured fabrics.

Japanese designer Azusa Murakami and British designer Alexander Groves, a London-based duo wanted their installation to resemble cherry blossom trees.

Called New Spring, the six-meter high structure consists of slender white tubes that extend up and out like the branches of a tree. I love that when the bubbles burst, a pale mist is released. Stunning!



via [Dezeen]

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