April 21 2017

Fun Links of the Week

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend? I’m hanging with my sisters in Carlsbad. We’re going to hit up the beach up and then visit Legoland. Can’t wait for sister time!

And now, I present to you, the Fun Links of the Week.

Don’t we all have that inner voice that says, “You can’t”? This is touching.

Growing up with siblings is like…(you must click this, it is HILARIOUS!)

I’d love to hang this picture inside my house. It’s so beautifully surreal.

When we move into a new house, I would be interested in working with one of these e-design companies.

This graphic, ice cream t-shirt is cool.

Can you believe that this is a chair?

This designer makes incredibly beautiful, modern objects of wood. I love his lamps.

A hotel built atop a lava flow? Wild!

If I ever go back to New Zealand (maybe with the kids!), I’d love to stay here.

Love this gray moto jacket. (Read about the company making it here.)

This shoe looks like it was inspired by angels.

I love the color red. Here are some ways you can incorporate the bold color in your house.

At first I was like, high top sneakers designed by Missoni? And then I saw this. Want!

Want to carry my groceries in these bags.

Photo by Taylor Jewel.

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