Hello and thanks for stopping by! You’ve just landed upon Adventures of Yoo. So, who are the Yoos? We’re a fun-loving couple who live in the suburbs of Southern California. Our home is filled with two wonderful boys named Parker and Logan (five and three) and two adorable dogs named Charlie and Fozzie. (Yes, like the Muppets character!)

Every day is a new day of adventure for us. My partner-in-crime is my loving husband, Sam, who I’ve known for over 25 years. We’ve been together for 20 of those years and married for the last eight of them. Why did I start this blog? After working seven years as editor-in-chief of the art blog My Modern Met, I felt ready to now strike out on my own. Also, I have this burning desire to start a new career. I have a newfound love and passion for fashion, and though I don’t know where it’ll lead me, I’m loving the process of finding out.

This lifestyle blog will be about everything I’m passionate about. This includes starting a new business (www.skylaryoo.com), mental health, fashion as well as what I learn from experience and books. I’m hoping that I can fill it with some fun and informative facts along the way. Mostly, I hope this blog resonates with anyone who has that entrepreneurial spirit. Now, let’s set off on this journey we call life!