May 5 2017

Fun Links of the Week

Sorry I haven’t been too consistent with posting lately. Been working on a super secret business project that combines my love for typography with my newfound passion for fashion. (Have I said too much?)

Here are your Fun Links of the Week:

Can we all just take a moment and stare at this stunning skirt? (While we’re at it, let’s take a look at Prada’s fanciful clothes.)

I’d proudly wear this pin.

You probably could DIY this show-stopping brooch.

Would you let the Amazon Echo help you with your style?

Love the plunging neckline.

Can’t wait for Season 2! We have to wait till Oct. 31?!

This modular planting system is stackable, streamlined, and beautifully functional.

No one could have captured President Obama better.

What do you think about digital minimalism?

Aldo’s new website is clean and easy to use. With a prominent display of social media, could be the cutting-edge way to sell products.

Simple print, sweet message.

Yes, I’d still like to check this fun museum.

Photos by Jennifer Chong via Design Milk.

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