September 28 2016

Inspiring Quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of Eat Pray Love just came out with a paperback version of another one of her books, Big Magic. Popsugar had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about creativity. Here are a few Q&As that I liked. You can read the rest, here.

On Who Inspires Her
“I tend to be interested in people who are doing some of the most varied things with their lives, who reject the cult of specialization and sometimes even reject the cult of professionalism and try lots of different stuff because they’re not afraid to follow the scavenger hunt that their curiosity [takes them on].”

On Getting Over a Creativity Slump
“The work wants to be made and it wants to be made through you.”

On the Magic of Inspiration
“Inspiration is not your slave and it’s not your master, but it’s a partner.”


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