June 6 2016

Inspiration Pad: A Crazy Notebook for Creatives

While curating art, design and photography for the last seven years, I came across a lot of interesting projects. One of them that caught my eye was Inspiration Pad, a warped notebook that inspires creativity. Designer Marc Thomasset took a relatively simple idea and turned it on its head. At first glance, it might just look like a traditional school notepad but, inside, it contains an innovative twist that makes it a surprising take on an old classic…the blue lines take on the look of waves, topographical contours, or loops!

Here’s the story of the Inspiration Pad:
“I was drawing projects in a notebook when suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like. This is how the Inspiration Pad was born.”

This third version comes in three different colors – blue, brown and yellow. It’s a 56 pages notebook with a softcover, and it’s designed and printed in Belgium on sustainable paper. All of the interesting designs inside of the notebook are new.

If anything this notebook will make you “think outside the box.”

You can buy Inspiration Pad here.







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