December 10 2022

Oprah’s Daily Inspiration Cards: A Must-Have for Quote Lovers

Recently, Oprah came out with a limited edition product! It’s a box of 365 inspiration cards, each with a quote from either herself or one of the world’s greatest thinkers. The beautiful linen box houses the cards which each has a quote in front and then an action step like a breathing exercise in back. The point is to pull out one card each day and then spend 5 minutes thinking about the meaning of the quote and then completing the prompt. If you’re an Oprah fan, you’ll fall in love with this box of wisdom. I went through all 365 cards (for research purposes, of course!) and found 50 that really resonated with me. I guarantee that there will be some quotes you’ve heard before but many will be new to you. My favorites are the ones where you need to take a moment to really let the wise words sink in.

I chose these 10 because they are related to my number one goal this year and next year (2023), that’s getting healthier and more fit.

Why wait till January 1 to start a new healthy habit? Make a small change now and you’ll feel extra proud of yourself.

This quote reminds me of Lizzo. She’s proud of her body and isn’t ashamed to show it off. Be confident with the way you look right now, appreciate your body always.

I’m always striving to be the most authentic person possible so I liked this quote. Be open, be honest, be vulnerable.

They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Remember to pause often and just enjoy being in the moment.

Don’t think losing weight or accomplishing a goal is going to be easy. It’s going to require a hell of a lot of effort and hard work. Buckle up, baby, you’re in for a ride.

This one hit me hard. You may have every intention to get in shape but without the reps at the gym or the salad instead of the steak you’ll never make progress.

Turn your dreams into reality, make bold moves and then watch the magic happen.

The mind and body are inextricably linked. You must work on both.

Your life is in your hands. Take responsibility of your life, you’re in charge.

I love this one because it’s so simple but powerful. This is one of Oprah’s classic quotes. Believe in yourself and watch your life transform.

You can buy these on Oprah’s website or on Amazon.


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