June 10 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

Welcome to another addition of Life Unfolding. This week, we took the kids hiking at Santa Rosa Plateau and headed to our favorite beach, which is in San Clemente. Last Saturday, we also attended an air show in Hemet. Boy was it scorching hot! Parker got a kick out of all of the planes on display and we were able to watch a simulated helicopter rescue. Oh, and did I mention that the apples in our garden are finally ready to be picked? Now it’s a race against time, got to eat them before the squirrels do.

The picture above shows Parker, Logan and Sam all running toward the sea at San Clemente Beach. I love my three boys.


We’ve been trying to grow fruits in our backyard for years now and we were happy to see that we have an overabundance of apples this year!


This is Parker and his grandpa walking hand in hand at the Hemet air show. It was over 100 degrees!


I like this candid shot of Sam, Logan and the dogs. The boys sometimes act like Sammy’s a jungle gym. Secretly, I think he likes it.


At Santa Rosa Plateau, Sam threw Parker and Logan up in the air a few times.


Boys will be boys! On our hike, the kids furiously rubbed their hands in the dirt. Rather than freak out, we let them be kids.


At San Clemente Beach, we watched as the trains rolled on by. Logan kept saying, “More train!” Like we could make that happen!


We always bring a bunch of toy trucks to the beach. They boys don’t like playing in the water, they much prefer playing dump trucks on the sand.


I caught this pretty picture of a lone man walking near the lifeguard stand. I love how the sky and sea were so blue.


After our pizza dinner, we cut up a watermelon we got at Tom’s Farm and voraciously ate it. Even though the watermelon was small, it was super sweet.


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