April 29 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 12 Moments of the Week

This week, I thought I’d show you some pictures of the boys as well as some art that’s hanging inside my home. I’m always looking for the next print to add to my collection. One day, I dream of collecting originals but for now I’ll settle on limited edition or open edition prints.

Above: One of our neighbors is growing this shrub, called crimson bottlebrush, in their front yard. The flowers are red and arranged in spikes on the ends of branches. I love their vibrant color.


Strangely, this week, Logan didn’t want to go on walks. Instead, he was crying by the car because he wanted to climb inside of it to watch Toy Story. (Now that guy loves Pixar movies…wonder where he gets that from.)


On one of the days this week, the sky was this beautiful pale blue color. Not a cloud in the sky. #nolightroom


Mommy and Parker’s Nikes. Yes, we’re that brand loyal.


I like this picture because it looks like Parker is levitating over our living room couch.


Earlier this week, Sam was in Vegas for a conference. He brought home these presents for the kids. Minion fans with candy inside.


Charlie trying to give us his most regal look.


One of our neighborhood kids came by on her scooter wearing hot pink pants and these cool light up shoes. (File this under, “Where were these shoes when I was a kid?”)


In the mail this week, I received this print called Blue Morpho, Double Helix by Rafael Araujo. Now I need to find a place for it inside my home.


Yesterday, Sammy gave Logan a much needed haircut. Can you believe that Sam learned how to cut hair on YouTube?


These are the four prints hanging inside my home office. Clockwise from top they’re from Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, and then there’s two from Stella Im Hultberg.


Inside our house, hanging right by the doorway, is this piece from an old college friend Pei-San Ng. Called Matches: Passion, it’s made from approximately 2,500 matches. I “love” it!


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