April 22 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

It’s been an especially rough week, with Logan being sick and all. We made it out to see my sister and went on a hike, but mostly we stayed in. We had big plans for the upcoming weekend but with the little one being sick, we’ve had to scrap them all. When the kids get sick it seems like time just stands still, doesn’t it? I can’t wait till everyone’s in tip top shape.

That being said, here are the top 10 moments of the week.

Above: Logan’s been extra curious these days. Here he is on one of our walks where he stopped to smell some roses.


Parker was super psyched to see all the presents the grandparents bought for last weekend’s festivities. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up hanging out with my in-laws because Logan was starting to show signs of sickness.


Sammy brought out a ladder to change out a lightbulb and the boys went crazy over wanting to climb it.


Parker and Logan have found a new interest in riding their toy cars, Parker tipped his tractor and laughed about it.


My nephew, Riverton, had been sick all week, too. You can just see the pain in his eyes.


That’s Riverton and Logan checking out the pool we blew up for them. The boys are going to grow up being best buds.


We went hiking to Santa Rosa Plateau, and on our way up, Parker fell asleep. It’s so hard to wake a sleeping child.


Remember the vernal pools that were teeming with life? The water has all dried up and now what’s left are brush and patches of purple wildflowers.


Logan contemplating life over his dad’s left shoulder.


The plateau never ceases to amaze me with all its beauty.


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