July 26 2016

Hiking Santa Rosa Plateau, Veering Off Our Normal Path

Yesterday, Sam, the boys, our nanny Cindy and I went to Santa Rosa Plateau. We veered off our normal path and decided to try a trail we’d only done once before. You start off by walking toward the vernal pools and then you make a turn into a valley. The views were exquisite. The best part was that during the rocky parts of the trail, Parker would run back to me and hold my hand until we got to smoother ground. He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fall. “What a sweetheart!,” I thought. You can’t teach a kid to be that thoughtful.

IMG_3423 (1)

Here’s proof. The quality of the photo is bad (i.e. out-of-focus) but that’s because I was trying to climb up a hill while simultaneously trying to take this picture.

In any case, I thought that going out to nature would give me the opportunity to practice photography. Between you and me, I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with it. My Photo a Day project is still alive, though now I’m just posting to Instagram (and not on this blog, too).

Out of the 42 photos I took, only four were keepers. (I don’t count the out-of-focus hand holding picture.)

Got to keep plugging away at this! No one said making a life changing goal would be easy. I love photography so much but the technical side sometimes weighs me down. How many out-of-focus photos can I still have? (The answer is: too many.) I’m hoping that one day I’ll be so technically proficient that I won’t have to worry about that side of photography anymore. Then, I’ll find my own voice, my own distinct style. Until then, I’ll keep taking pictures of Parker almost hitting me with a rock and Sam’s rear end close to my face. (You laugh but it’s true.)




Yes, the last photo is a bit too much “Max Wanger.” (I said I was working on the style thing, k?) 🙂


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