May 6 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

Hope you had a good week! Parker developed a stomach bug so we’ve all been having some rough nights of sleep. We even had to go to the ER one early morning. I’m hoping it’s just growing pains or something temporary, we’re getting a bunch of tests done right now. It all has me worried but the kid is overall healthy and resilient so I think he’ll get through it.

Now let’s dive into this past week’s most interesting moments.

Above: The ice cream truck made a stop in our neighborhood and the kids rushed to grab their favorite treats. Our kind neighbor paid for all the kids’ ice creams. Love my neighborhood.


Logan is obsessed with his dad. I call him “elusive” because he won’t give affection to just anyone. Here he is giving Sammy a rare kiss.


Last Friday, we hung out at my in-laws house. The boys love playing in their big backyard. Here’s Logan picking up all the crunchy leaves.


Here’s grandpa watching Logan wander.


It was my nephew, Riverton’s, birthday this past week so we had a small family celebration at my sister’s house. The boy loves everything Thomas.


Here’s my older sister, Grace, at Riverton’s birthday party cleaning the grill…with style.


Parker loves playing hide-and-go-seek with the neighborhood kids. He’s usually the one that has to find the girls.


I captured this headless shot of the girls and Parker around the neighborhood. I don’t like taking pictures of other people’s kids unless they give me explicit rights.


Sam and I went to a new-ish restaurant in Old Town Temecula called The Goat & Vine. They served this beautiful and delicious salad. Loved the ambiance, too. Highly recommend.


Finally, here’s Parker in pain. Poor kid had to get multiple tests done this week to find out just what’s going on in his stomach. I pray he gets better soon.

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? We have a small Mother’s Day celebration going on at my sister’s house on Sunday. How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

Note: Due to all the doctor appointments, I won’t be able to put up Fun Links of the Week today. I’ll resume next Friday.


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