March 25 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

It was, for lack of a better word, an interesting week. As I wrote about in my first blog post, I have bipolar. A few days ago, I woke up feeling a tremendous amount of energy pulsating throughout my body and I knew at that moment that something was off. That day I felt great, my mood was elevated, I was making lists and checking each item off. The night prior, I had a dream that I went manic which I chalked up to being strange but not unusually abnormal. Then, two nights ago, I woke up at 3:30 am and had that feeling of restlessness that comes with the disorder. I had four hours to kill before my family would wake up so I read a book, watched a few videos and then went on a hike. Oh no, I thought. Here we go again.

But then! Sam had kept my medication schedule from my last manic episode so we looked to that for guidance. We upped my dose and voila! Last night I slept a full nine hours. No time for high fives, just yet. I have a psychiatrist appointment scheduled in a few hours so we’ll see if we’re out of the clear. Though I enjoyed that hypomanic day, I know I can’t sustain that level of energy. Our bodies (or should I say minds) are just not built that way.

I digress. Now, let’s get into the top 10 moments of the week. We went on a lot of hikes and saw my sister Carol a few times. I got to practice my photography, which is always good. The photo above is from a newly explored trail at Santa Rosa Plateau. Sam and Parker are walking hand in hand. It looked that beautiful, like we were walking through a fairytale forest.


Once a week, Parker goes to gym class. Here he is with his favorite coach, “Coach Nick.”


Parker gets exhausted after his hour at the gym. This moment was caught as we were leaving. I love how Parker is holding on tight to Sam. Also, love the trees and their reflections.


I took this snapshot of Parker sleeping. Sam’s looking at him endearingly, he doesn’t want to wake him. That’s Fozzie’s fur you’re seeing on top of Parker’s pillow. He loves sleeping right next to Parker’s head.


Logan loves being held and he requires it during hikes. I love how Logan’s blue stripes match Sam’s. It’s like Logan is an extension of his father.


This is Fozzie giving us his cutest look. God, I love that dog.


This is my sister Carol’s kid Riverton. Parker’s in the background. Here, the two boys are scooting around Carol’s backyard.


My sister Carol went to a painting class this week. She made these flowers which have an Impressionist feel. I love the colors.


On my morning hike, I snapped this picture of a bridge. I was playing with perspective.


On that same hike, I caught this picture of a bird soaring through the sky. I love the shades of blue and the bird’s soaring wings. How awesome would it be if we could fly?


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