September 29 2016

10 Adorable Animal Sweaters for Kids

Now that fall is upon us, I’ve been scouring the internet, looking for cute sweaters for Parker and Logan. Though shopping for myself is fun, I have a much more enjoyable time looking for clothes for my kids. Boden and J.Crew are my go-to’s but lately I’ve also been checking out Korean and European sites to find something more unique. Here are ten items that I liked. Disclaimer: Some of these items are sold out. (Of course, this is not a big surprise given how cute these items are.) Also, I’ve included both boys and girls clothing.

Top: Bunny sweater by Milk+Bots


Owl sweater by Gap


Striped dog sweater by Gap


Blueberry Rabbit sweatshirt by Lublue


Polar bears sweater by Boden


Horse sweater by Leighton Alexander


Fox sweater by Little Rooted Goods


Fox sleeping sweater by Zara (sold out)


Fluffy swan sweater by Seed Heritage


Penguin sweater on Shopstyle

September 28 2016

Inspiring Quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of Eat Pray Love just came out with a paperback version of another one of her books, Big Magic. Popsugar had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about creativity. Here are a few Q&As that I liked. You can read the rest, here.

On Who Inspires Her
“I tend to be interested in people who are doing some of the most varied things with their lives, who reject the cult of specialization and sometimes even reject the cult of professionalism and try lots of different stuff because they’re not afraid to follow the scavenger hunt that their curiosity [takes them on].”

On Getting Over a Creativity Slump
“The work wants to be made and it wants to be made through you.”

On the Magic of Inspiration
“Inspiration is not your slave and it’s not your master, but it’s a partner.”

September 28 2016

35 Things To Do on a No-Spend Weekend

I found this handy list on Pinterest and liked the positive vibes. Who says you need money to have a good time? There are tons of free things to do that are productive or even nourishing to the soul, like visiting a museum or gardening. My favorite item on the list is the last: Sit outside and take in your surroundings with a good cup of coffee/tea, or a spiked lemonade. Sounds good to me!

September 27 2016

Floral Cross-Stitch Street Art Pops Up in Madrid

I love any type of art that makes you stop and stare. That’s what this floral cross-stitch street art, by set designer and artist Raquel Rodrigo, does for me. How does she make this? Enlarged cross-stitch techniques utilizing thick string is wrapped on wire mesh before it is unrolled and affixed to surfaces. The cross-stitch appears like small pixels. From up close you can’t quite tell what you’re looking at but from far away, you notice the floral designs. Who would have thought to combine cross-stitch with street art? How creative and beautiful.





via [Colossal, Lustik, My Modern Met]

September 27 2016

40 Life Lessons from a 40-Year-Old

About a month ago, I turned the big 4-0. Lots of people have asked me how that’s affected me, I guess it’s technically time for a mid-life crisis. But it came and went without much fanfare. I have been thinking about writing this post, however, after seeing this: 50 best practices for living a well-designed life. I agree with some of the items on that list like #2, I’m all about drinking water, and #26 is a gem, practice gratitude daily, even it’s simply for the air you breathe.

I’ve challenged myself to come up with 40 things I wish someone had told me before I turned 40. Since I’m married with two kids, I’ve sprinkled in some advice that pertain to those who are in similar circumstances. I’m also an introvert at heart, so if you are too, some of these items may hit home. Now, in no particular order, here they are. (Guess this could double as a letter to my boys.)

1. Try not to judge others. Most of the time, you’re just pointing out your own weaknesses.
2. Life’s too short to not use nice, fluffy towels.
3. Speaking of towels, make sure your significant other has a fresh one after his or her shower. It’s a sweet gesture. (Bonus points for giving him or her a cold glass of water, too.)
4. It’s ok for your children to be bored in the car, that’s when their imagination flows.
5. Don’t multitask. Do one item well and then move on to another.
6. Browse the internet, scour magazines but read books.
7. Get outside. It’s fun being online or on your phone but being in nature gives your overstressed brain a break.
8. Smile at strangers.
9. You may not want to go on that trip but just go. You’ll make a ton of great memories.
10. Foster a good relationship between your children and your parents. That grandmother/grandfather bond is strong and both parties benefit from the close relationship.
11. Forget the gym, put on some running shoes and just go. There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite music and breathing in fresh air.
12. If you have children, you don’t need the whole diaper bag. In your large purse, just bring plastic bags (to wrap up the poop), diapers, and wipes.
13. It’s never too late to change careers. It’s typically only fear that’s holding you back.
14. If you do change careers, listen to the feedback of others but develop a quiet confidence within yourself.
15. Instead of saying how smart your child is, tell them how proud you are that they’re trying. (Develop the growth mind-set.)
16. One of the best gifts you can give your spouse is 30 minutes of pure, kid-free sleep.
17. Celebrate every tiny victory – that’s includes every birthday, engagement, wedding, holiday, etc. Life’s too short not to celebrate the good times.
18. Tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, when they’re alive. That can be through a text, email or letter.
19. When you’re feeling depressed, remember that “this too shall pass.”
20. Don’t scold your child in front of others. Take them away to a quiet place and, in a calm tone of voice, talk to them.
21. Foster good relationships with your friends. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone, there are different levels of friendship one can have.
22. Learn how to cook at least a few good, healthy dishes for your kids. If you’re up for the challenge, try cooking a new dish every week.
23. Involve your kids in the process, whether that means in cooking, gardening, or handiwork around the house.
24. When negotiating with children, if they go up a number, go down a few numbers. Usually, you’ll end up in the middle (or where you started).
25. A Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” Usually this means two disparate things. Practice that.
26. Develop strong relationships with your siblings. Friends come and go but sisters/brothers are forever.
27. We all make mistakes, but it’s how we deal with them that shows our true character.
28. Don’t make death scary for kids. Explain to them that it’s a part of life.
29. Some days, take a break from Instagram and Facebook. It’ll make you happier.
30. Try to not create too many rules in the house. Instead, teach your kid values.
31. Praise your kid when he or she does something right, especially if they’ve conquered a fear.
32. Let ideas percolate. Don’t rush into projects, let your subliminal brain work on it.
33. Meditate. Even if that means just sitting quietly for a few minutes and listening to your breathing.
34. Trust (selectively). Develop a close circle of friends who will encourage you in your life and who only want the best for you.
35. Don’t wait till you are your goal weight to buy clothes. You can feel stylish and confident at any weight.
36. You may not like to being in pictures but suck it up and be in them. Later in life, your children will want to see their mom in their pictures.
37. Take a road trip across America. You’ll appreciate the grandeur of this country even more.
38. Travel abroad. Be open to new cultures and learn about their customs.
39. Lift others up, don’t tear people down.
40. Persistence and drive will get you farther in life than just being smart.

Finally, be nice.

September 23 2016

Fun Links of the Week

It was a tough week. I was out for two days, feeling a bit under the weather. Got lots of sleep but felt very bad that the site was silent. I promise, I’ll be up and rearing to go next week!

This weekend, I’m meeting up with some girlfriends in Los Angeles for a bachelorette party. All girls, should be a blast.

A new book showcases the work of Vogue’s influential creative director, Grace Coddington. (You can buy it, here.)

Curing every disease is a crazy goal, but it’s one worth shooting for.

Does he deserve to be on the cover of TIME?

Never lose anything of importance again? Sold!

One of my favorite photographers just got a tattoo of his son’s name. Sweet.

The talent! Like these fungi and floral sculptures produced from recycled paper by Kate Kato.

I heart minimalist watches.

Stop painting your furniture – bleach it instead.

Made me laugh. What animals would look like if they had eyes at the front?

Love these delicately beautiful tattoos by South Korean artist Hongdam. (The whale’s tail!)

Think you’d have the guts to participate in this?

11 days to go on Kickstarter. Still contemplating whether or not I should back this project.

Photo: Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen, shot by Tim Walker/Condé Nast Publications

September 21 2016

Black Marble Table Ripples Like the Sea

Currently on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the London Design Festival, Mathieu Lehanneur presents a spectacular Liquid Marble table. Located in the V&A’s ornate Norfolk House Music Room, the table evokes a surreal vision of the sea, mimicking the look and feel of rippling water. Made of a single piece of hand-polished black marble, and designed using advanced 3D movie-making software, Liquid Marble reproduces the visual effect of a sea surface, gently touched by the wind. The structure reflects and distorts itself, and the intense black of the marble accentuates the color of the ocean as if it were fossilized in stone.

“I was inspired by the contrast between the deep silence of Liquid Marble and the luxurious decor of the Norfolk House Music Room, where the most beautiful symphonies were hosted,” stated Mathieu Lehanneur.

How I’d love to have this table inside my house!





September 21 2016

London’s “Smile” Structure Breaks New Ground

Currently on display at the Chelsea College of Art and Design as part of this year’s London Design Festival, The Smile is an impressive 34-meter long by 3.5-meter high (111.5 feet by 11.5 feet) rectangular tube that looks like a huge Chesire cat grin. It was created by Alison Brooks Architects in collaboration with Arup. Viewers are encouraged to wander through the hollowed interior and then walk up either of the two ramps which lead to open apertures with views of the sky.

What makes this structure so unique is that it’s the most complex structure ever to be made out of cross-laminated timber (CLT). As CNN states, “The Smile is an experimental building — part pavilion, part sculpture — designed to showcase the structural and spatial potential of a material that could transform the way architects and engineers approach timber construction.”

In essence, The Smile represents one of the most important developments in a decade of research into structural timber innovation.

Steel and concrete have been used as structural materials in buildings for centuries, the construction of this structure makes it a possibility that buildings could, one day, also be completely fabricated out of wood. CLT lends itself to prefabrication, it can be cut precisely in a factory and is easily assembled on site.

If you’re in London, you can see The Smile through October 12th.





The Smile, a landmark project for the London Design Festival designed by architect Alison Brooks (pictured) and the engineer was ARUP. It will be on show outside the Chelsea College of art from 17 September – 12 October. Measuring 34m in length, the curved form is a ‘bold and exciting’ experiment in wood engineering and in design being made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) in tulipwood, it has been initiated by The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC).

September 19 2016

An Open Letter to My Sister/Best Friend Carol

Today, instead of putting up a typical blog post about art or photography, I thought I’d write an open letter to my sister, Carol. I’m not the gushy type, outside of Sam and my two boys, I’m not particularly warm (though I wish I was), but I feel that it’s important to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Sure, I could have done this privately, over email, but I feel compelled to share this.

You see, back when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, it was Sam and Carol who were there for me. Carol and I attended UCLA together and so we developed a close relationship during those formative years. I call her the better version of me, she’s smart, funny and compassionate. She’s the one I call when I’m feeling too stressed out or when I’m on the verge of another manic episode. She drops everything for me. She’s taught me that you can trust people but that the feelings of happiness and confidence come not from the validation from others but from within.

So here goes. (Carol’s nickname is Jae. It’s derived from her Korean name Jihae, which means “wisdom”.)

Dear Jae,

This letter is a long time coming. I’m not good with words, like you, but I didn’t want another moment to pass by without telling you how much you mean to me. Back when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, and I had to go the UCLA psych ward, where I spent six weeks locked up and away from my children, it was you who talked me down from the ledge. In the darkest moments of my life, you remained steady and strong. And for that, I thank you.

While in mania, I know I was difficult to deal with. I remember crying on the phone to you because I had just gotten into a big fight with Sam. You let me stay at your place but, more than that, you didn’t make me feel like something was wrong with me. You were patient and understanding, you knew that the storm would eventually pass and that things would return back to normal.

I admire you for the mother that you are to your three children and I’m thankful to have such a great role model. When you take Parker aside and reprimand him in a stern but caring way, you show me that you can love a child while still teaching him hard life lessons.

Thank you for always opening up your house to us. Sam and I see your place as our second home, you make it so comfortable. Also, thanks for always making me fresh guacamole. It never goes unnoticed.

Finally, thanks for the boost of confidence. Making the switch from running My Modern Met to becoming a real photographer is daunting and scary, but you give me the peps talks that I need.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you.

Your little sis,

September 16 2016

Fun Links of the Week

What are you up to this weekend? I’m attending a friend’s wedding in San Diego tonight. Can’t wait to catch up with old friends.

Fascinating read on creativity.

This weekend, Bill Murray is working at a bar in Brooklyn. Who wants to go?

Ellen + Michelle Obama = Hilarious!

I don’t own an instant camera but, after spotting this one, that may change. (Also eyeing this one.)

Art doesn’t get much more beautiful than a stained glass whale.

Can you imagine if you had a teacher who could do this?

Those chunky blankets look heavenly. (Go female entrepreneurs!)

Can the selfie generation unplug and appreciate national parks?

He’ll always be one of my favorite artists. (That waterfall!)

I’m really trying to get into this. (For my own sanity.) Liked the simple video, bought the book.

Mark your calendars! An epic Vincent van Gogh exhibition opens in Australia on April 28, 2017. (Check out that cool recreation.)

Astronomy lovers! Here are some out-of-the-ordinary images that pushed the boundaries of photography.

This photographer makes Japan at night look like something out of a dream.

I’d like to design my house with a color palette in mind. (Good idea: Ground it with neutrals.)

Hidden rooms?! Ok, now you’ve got my attention.

As a person who loves design, I must go to this festival (one day).

Newly renovated, Bergdorf Goodman courts the ladies who Instagram. (The place is pretty!)

Photo: Dani Caxete took Man on the Moon, using a telescope as his friend posed on Pena Munana, in Cadalso de los Vidrios, Spain.

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