March 7 2023

My Motivating Morning Brain Hack to Exercise More

Today I wanted to share with you guys a hack I use to motivate myself to exercise in the morning. You know I love my morning routine which consists of actions such as morning prayer, meditation, and writing in my gratitude journal. I always end the routine with writing in my main journal. I believe in talking to yourself in an encouraging way so I also do this in my main journal. After I’ve dumped my brain onto the page, I end with writing affirmative statements like, “You can slay the workout! You’re fierce and fabulous. Let’s do a :30 minute ride with our favorite instructor Cody Rigsby.”

Then, after my ride is finished, I come back to the journal and write something like, “Great job, girl! I knew you could do it.”

Try it and see if it doesn’t encourage you to jump on your bike and ride!


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