July 10 2024

WowThankYou: The Movement

It’s been a hot minute. Sorry I’ve neglected you, blog. You’ve been loyal to me for a long time and I’ve treated you poorly but I promise to try to write more consistently. Especially when the good times roll.

An exciting new project is about to take off on Twitter called WowThankYou. It’s a women empowerment movement that’s all about appreciating the wonderful women that have impacted our lives. In a tweet (or TikTok video), you describe what makes them so special (using adjectives like strong, sweet, generous, smart, creative – you get the drift) and then you say how they’ve inspired you. Don’t forget to add that hashtag #wowthankyou in the end!

Just to give you some examples, here are four I’ve prepared for Twitter. These are the full statements (on Twitter, I’m going to shorten them).

Selena Gomez, aka @selenagomez, more than for all of your talents and your businesses, I admire you because you shed light on mental health. I also have bipolar disorder which I see as both a blessing and a curse. Your movie and song My Mind and Me hit me to my core. #wowthankyou

I’ve looked up to Tina Roth Einsberg, aka @swissmiss, a Brooklyn NY based designer for almost 20 years! That’s how long her blog SwissMiss has been around. Not only has she shared her design inspirations, she’s had an amazing career, launching multiple businesses like TeuxDeux, Tattly, CreativeMornings and Friends Work Here. As a woman entrepreneur, I’ve always admired her guts, creativity, and design eye.

Cup of Jo, aka @joannagoddard, is a NY-based lifestyle blogger who grew from a one woman show to having whole teams of writers where they cover everything from fashion to motherhood. She’s down to earth and relatable even though she’s blown up and now has a newer blog called Big Salad. She’s the kind and cool girl you’d want to be BFFs with! #wowthankyou

Joy Cho, aka @ohjoy, is the reason why I started @mymodernmet back in 2007. She came before me with her design blog. Did you know that she has the the most Pinterest followers at over 15 million? Her design eye is insane. I admire all of her natural brand collaborations, her consulting business and how she designed and built a house from scratch! You’re amazing Joy! #wowthankyou

Won’t you join the movement? Let’s make this baby go viral!