January 11 2017

Emily McDowell’s New Parenting Support Cards are Refreshingly Honest

You can always count on illustrator Emily McDowell to come up with the perfect card. I loved her adorably Awkward series where she wrote these lengthy descriptions of feelings you only think about in your head. This time, she’s tackling a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, parenting.

As a mother of two toddlers under five, sometimes I just want to pull my hair out, I’m so frustrated. Just yesterday, Parker got mad at me for helping him with some homework and chucked a pen at Logan’s eye. I was furious! Luckily, the soft side hit Logan’s eyelid. We reprimanded Parker but I think it left a permanent mark in my heart. How could situations like this happen?

Though Emily just started this series with three cards, we can expect to see more in the spring.

As she wrote, “I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, because parenting is HARD. And having a baby is like signing up for a 24/7 job at the judgment factory– both from yourself and the world at large. It is 100% possible to both love your kid AND struggle with the day to day realities of parenthood, but so many parents (especially moms) don’t talk about this because they feel like there must be something wrong with them or they don’t want to be judged. But we need to talk about it– because talking helps. And laughing helps. And feeling normal helps.”

I just watched Bad Moms. (It was better than I thought.) These cards remind me of that movie.



Parenting Support Cards on Emily McDowell’s website


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