July 21 2016

Cute and Clever Cards by Sisters at Ilootpaperie

I love coming across greeting cards that make me smile. Even better, I love it when they’re created by a family run store. These were made by Pasadena-based sisters Alice & Doris of Ilootpaperie. Oh So Beautiful Paper just put up a blog post about what they saw at the 2016 National Stationery Show and the cards at Ilootpaperie immediately caught my eye. This was the first time the duo has exhibited at the show.

Here’s how they began their company, “Our cards are very much an representation of our 30+ years of inside jokes and things/people that are our sources of inspiration – and luckily, it turns out that the inside jokes are appreciated by more than just ourselves. We originally started working in paper goods when we created custom wedding invitations for our close friends; greeting cards seemed like a natural extension – a way for us to show our personalities and put to paper a collection of cheeky thoughts and visuals that make us laugh.”

The company also sells enamel pins. Aren’t they all the rage these days? I just had to scoop one up for my sister-in-law. She loves french fries.








Ilootpaperie’s website


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