January 7 2016

Sweet New Valentine’s Day Cards by Emily McDowell

Designer Emily McDowell is starting off the new year with 14 new cards including some for the next big holiday, Valentine’s Day. It’s not too early to get a jump on finding the perfect card for your loved one, be it your significant other or just a friend. Emily’s the best at coming up with lines that are modern yet funny, she has a cheeky sense of humor that’s refreshingly original.

I fell in love with Emily’s work back when I first found out about her Awkward Cards line. Here are some of her newest Valentine’s Day cards mixed in with some old time favorites. On a side note, I know this word has been tossed around a lot, especially on the internet, but do you know what “bae” actually means? As Emily states on her website, “According to Urban Dictionary (because I had to look it up last year), ‘bae’ is a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, or in some cases, an acronym that stands for ‘before anyone else.’ It points out that it also means poop in Danish, but we’re pretty sure only the Danes use it that way.” Funny!








Also, love this Bridesmaid card!

Emily McDowell’s website


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