October 19 2016

New Refreshingly Honest Notebooks by Emily McDowell

You can always count on Emily McDowelll to deliver honest messages on everything she touches, whether that’d be on her greeting cards, her journals, her mugs, her tote bags or her enamel pins. There are six new journals (five are featured here). On the covers you’ll find meaningful messages that will remind you to live an authentic life. My favorite is the first one: Notes for My Future Therapist. The journals contain 125 lined pages, with screen printed chipboard covers, gold foil on the front, and painted page edges.

Recently, Emily came out with enamel pins, too. They’re little badges of things that you’ve conquered in everyday life. (Hence the name Everyday Bravery Pins.) You’ll find pins like Put Myself First, Didn’t Please Everyone, and Survived Indescribable Grief. Why not celebrate the big and small things you’ve accomplished throughout your life?






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