April 14 2016

Welcome to Adventures of Yoo!

Hey there! It may be hard to believe but I worked on this site for six months before I officially launched it to the public. Now I finally get to tell my friends and family what I had been doing, albeit secretly. I started this site thinking I would become the next lifestyle blogger like Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo or Joy Cho of Oh Joy! But then, I was surprised to learn along the way that my true calling is to become a professional photographer a fashion designer.

To give all of my new visitors a quick peek into this blog, here are my top 10 posts from the 138 that I’ve written. They should give you a good feel for what you can expect to find from this site.

Who are the Yoos?
Easter Sunday 2016
Celebrating Birthdays at Pelican Hill
The Pep Talk That I Needed
66 Positive Things to Say To Your Child
A Big Hot Pot of Delicious Miso Soup
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in Parenting
The Classically Beautiful World of Rodney Smith
Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ and Start Saying ‘Thank You’
My New Foray Into Fashion

Above: Parker and Logan sharing a sweet moment.

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