March 7 2023

The One Important Question to Ask for a Happy Marriage

Sam and I have been married since 2007, that’s 15 years! Though we’ve had our share of ups and downs, I still consider him my best friend and the love of my life. I think one of the keys to our happy marriage is that we’re always thinking about the other person. Whether that means getting each other Starbucks in the morning or bringing up water at night, we’re always trying to make the other person’s life easier.

Every day I ask Sam, “What can I do today to make your life easier?” Asking such a simple yet powerful question to your spouse acknowledges the effort and emotion each partner contributes to their relationship.

It also shows a genuine interest in your spouse’s well-being, which can help build trust and understanding between partners. Taking time to ask this one simple yet meaningful question can help couples reflect on their relationship, appreciate each other more, and have a happier marriage overall.

Now go try it!


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