May 17 2017

Favorite Workout Leggings: Outdoor Voices

On my quest to find my next big business idea, I researched the hell out of leggings. Ever since I was 10 years old, I would always wear my trusty old black pair of leggings. They’re just so comfortable and they go with everything. Lately, there’s been an explosion of different legging styles. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, one of my favorite companies who makes leggings, especially for runs or workouts, is Outdoor Voices. Not only do they have clean, timeless styles, the materials are good and they fit just perfectly.

They just came out with The Rose Collection and I’m loving all of the pieces. I know they’re a bit pricey, at between $75 and $95 dollars a pop, but they’re really worth it for the quality and style.

You know how I love sharing the stories of go-getter, entrepreneurial women? The person behind Outdoor Voices is a young woman, named Tyler Haney, who has the guts to go after the Nike and Lululemon market. More power to her! Read the CNBC article, here.

Check out Outdoor Voices’s website!


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