March 3 2017

Fun Links of the Week

What are you up to this weekend? I’m meeting up with some old high school friends (and their husbands and kids) and we’re all going to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It’ll be good catching up. Today, I’m going to get my hair colored an even brighter pink. (Think Irene Kim.) Got to believe in my own motto, Be Bold, right?

Ok, now let’s get into the fun links of the week.

This 75-year Harvard study found the one secret to leading a fulfilling life.

‘Worst view in the world’: Banksy opens hotel overlooking Bethlehem wall.

This Topshop X Man Repeller video was actually pretty engaging.

Who knew that book shelves could look so sexy?

Bicycles and coffee. Why not?

I like Coke’s new storytelling method of advertising. You never know what could happen in an elevator. (Shout out to my new LA friends!)

This vlog made me cry…ok bawl.

Science says parents of the most successful kids do these 10 things.

Adding art installations to a fashion store. This is the future.

This is such a simple T-shirt but the embroidery kicks it up a notch.

Though many of you may know this song from Kanye, called Ultralight Beam, I was only introduced to it this week. It is beautiful. Meaning, here.

Moby has just released four hours worth of free music designed for yoga and meditation.

Photo: Rainbow labyrinth, titled Yǔzhòu, by Brut Deluxe.


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