November 21 2016

Celebrating My Sister’s Birthday

Yesterday, my family got together to celebrate two November birthday’s, my sister Grace’s and her husband Keith’s. Grace had a private chef come to her house to cook up some bbq, the first time we’ve ever done that. She found Pat’s Famous BBQ on the Nextdoor app and booked him to cook up the whole meal which included not just ribs and skirt steak but mac ‘n cheese (for the kids), salad, and cornbread muffins. Everything was delicious! I’d highly recommend him.

Though I’m not a cake person, I loved the cake my sister bought. It was from SusieCakes. Called the vanilla celebration cake, it’s 6 layers of vanilla cake baked with colorful sugar confetti. Not only was it pretty, it was perfectly sweet. If you’re looking for a dessert place, check out SusieCakes, they have multiple locations.

Now, here are some pictures from the celebration.


This is Pat from Pat’s Famous BBQ. He came with all of his cooking gear and he made fresh, delicious food right on the spot.


Berry, my niece, loves this hammock that I gave them. I bought it on Amazon on a whim but it turned out to be one of the best gifts I’ve given them. They use it all the time.


My brother-in-law, Burt, enjoying a glass of wine on my sister’s deck.


Grace recently bought two Max Wanger prints to hang on her walls. One of them is from his Hawaii collection. It’s called Waikiki No. 4.


This is part of the food that Pat prepared. I couldn’t get enough of those ribs.


One of my sister’s friend’s daughters came over to celebrate. Carol loves to braid hair so I caught this picture of her in action.


A sweet moment caught between my brother-in-law and his son.


My nephew, Riverton, enjoying his lollipop.


The pretty cake bought at SusieCakes.


Next week, my sister Carol is receiving an award at her work. My other sister, Grace, wanted to lend her a dress. Carol tried on multiple ones but I liked this one the most. Doesn’t she look stunning? (I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for putting this up on the Internet.)

Happy Birthday, Grace and Keith!


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