March 14 2016

Happy Birthday, Parker!

Today, my first child Parker, turns four-years-old. Where did the time go? I still remember his birth like it was yesterday; the grueling 26 hours of labor and then the critical C-section that followed. After that unspeakable ordeal, I was both physically and mentally exhausted but I remember waiting anxiously in the hospital room until the nurse wheeled him in. Though I should have rested, I cradled Parker in my arms and kissed his sweet head for hours on end promising him that no matter what, I’d take care him. There was no greater or purer love than this, I felt in my heart.

His first few years are now like beautiful dots in my memory. Dancing to “Gangnam Style” while standing up in his crib, his first walk cajoled by a promise of a sweet potato. The body convulsing glee when he sees his grandparents. Now four, Parker is a curious child who challenges us every day. Though he can be trying at times, he shows us love like we’ve never experienced before. From his tender “I love you”s to his warm hugs, we couldn’t ask for a more loving son. I feel as though I’ve been blessed a million times over for my family.

On this day, I give an extra “thanks” to the man upstairs for my son Parker. I call him my angel, someone I don’t deserve to have in my life but one I wouldn’t give up for the world. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Mama loves you most in the universe.

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  1. SinoSoul says:

    soooo many March babiiies. Ours is an Aries though.

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