March 15 2016

Parker Gets His First Bike!

Yesterday was a monumental day, not only did Parker turn four he got his first real bike. Sam and I had been planning this moment for awhile, he started off by riding a Radio Flyer 4-in-1 trike, but had slowly outgrown it. For balance, he still needed to stay on more than two wheels but we decided to bump him up to a real bike with training wheels. After looking over all the inventory at Toys “R” Us we decided on the 16″ Disney Cars bike.

Sam’s parents asked us to buy Parker the bike on their behalf so we took it to their place for the big unveil. Parker got right on that bike and rode it like a pro! We were so impressed. In these pictures you can see the big smile on Parker’s face as we showed him his gift. Of course, we had to get a present for Logan too (since we didn’t give him a proper birthday present) so he got the Activity Ride On Thomas. Instead of actually riding it, he scooted it around. In between, Logan found some time to stop and smell the flowers. Love that mindful kid.








(We bought Parker a helmet but it didn’t fit on his head, that’s why you don’t see it in the photos.)


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