May 10 2017

The Three Leggings That I Love

Let is be known that I own, probably, about 50 pairs of leggings. They’re my go-to pants throughout the day, from the morning run to when I sleep. Yes, I even sleep in leggings! Recently I found out that from 2015 to 2016 online sales of leggings jumped a whopping 41%, while orders of jeans only went up 3%. Have we reached a massive turning point?

Here are three of my favorite pairs of leggings and where you can get them:

Morning Run (Exercise):

Outdoor Voices is one of those new-ish companies that sells beautifully designed workout gear. They’re not for the hardcore exerciser, they’re more for the woman who likes to fit in a yoga class here are there. I love their 3/4 Two-Tone Warmup Legging that sell for $85. If you like inspirational stories, you can read about how this young, female entrepreneur is taking on Lululemon and Nike. (The other running pair that I put in rotation are these cool “Dream Leggings” by Goop. Mostly, I love the original pattern.)

Career (At Work):

For work, you want leggings that feel more like pants, they have a bit of structure and they pull you in at the waist. Though American Giant just came out with something similar, called The Pant, I like these Inc. leggings better. They just feel nicer on my skin and they have just the right amount of compression at the waist. They’re called the Pull-On Ponte Skinny Pants and they’re only found at Macy’s.

Lounge and Sleep In:
You can’t find softer leggings than this. I heard about Lularoe leggings from multiple friends but didn’t believe the hype until I tried a pair on. They use this soft brushing technique that creates this “buttery soft” feel. Unfortunately, you have to buy these through a rep or one of their Facebook pages. I find mine through eBay, and though they are a bit pricier than what I’d pay at a party, I get to skip the hassle. They’re so soft I end up falling asleep in them! Hint: Try and ignore all the garish prints and stick to the solids.


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