May 9 2017

Inspiring New Book: In the Company of Women

For those women who’ve always wanted to strike out on their own, especially in a creative field, there’s an inspiring new book that just came out called In the Company of Women. Founder of the established design blog Design *Sponge, Grace Bonney, conducted a Q&A with who, what I’d call “creative entrepreneurs”, or who you’d call designers, artists, fashion designers, musicians, (you get my drift). The general feeling I got from this book was that despite their fears, these women jumped in.

For instance, here’s Jodie Patterson, a Beauty Entrepreneur’s answer when she was asked: Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business:
“Winners are losers who got back up. Full stop. If you want something, grab it. Get it. It’s yours, damn it.”

Here’s another Q&A I liked with Lisa Hunt, designer and artist in Brooklyn: In the moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
“I am nothing if not resilient! I’ve nurtured the ability to feel nervous but jump in anyway and know that if I make a mistake or misjudgment, I have the smarts to work things out. It wasn’t always like that – with age comes wisdom.”

There’s a lot of these great nuggets of wisdom spread throughout the book. You’ll want to buy a stack of these to give them out to your friends. The book is that inspiring!

P.S. It was overjoyed to see Oh Joy! and Swiss Miss in the book. As a female entrepreneur, they’re my inspiration.

Here’s an LA Times article of Grace Bonny discussing the insights and overall patterns she found. Fascinating!


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