April 24 2018

A Book A Day #6: Strong is the New Pretty by Kate T. Parker

Girl Power! If there’s one book that’ll make you proud to be a girl it’s this one. I first came across the series, Strong is the New Pretty, when I wrote a blog post about it on My Modern Met back in 2015. Shortly afterwards, in 2017, the photographer and mom behind it, Kate T. Parker, released a book, celebrating the strength and spirit of girls being completely themselves. Parker traveled all over the country, shooting almost 200 girls to capture beautiful, raw and real stories. This picture book is neatly divided into sections like Wild is Strong or Creative is Strong, giving you a sneak peek as to what photos you’ll be viewing next.

Brief Synopsis: Kate T. Parker’s goal in shooting the images for this book was to inspire girls and women to be their best selves, to challenge and test their limits. She wants these images to combat the negative voices that tell us we’re not good enough. “I want these girls to be able to hear their own voices through these images, and to inspire them to use them and continue to use them. Loudly.” Each image is paired with a quote from a strong girl. You’ll be amazed at how wise these girls are! All I could think about when I was turning each page was, “How relevant is this book today?!”

Top 5 Quotes:

“Many girls grew up dreaming of a hero to save them. I grew up dreaming of becoming one.” – Lesley, age 18

“True beauty is the result of the persistence, resilience, and confidence that comes with being a strong woman.” – Sophie, Age 17

“Family and friends may help along the way, but resilience is about harnessing an inner strength to fuel a fierce persistence in the face of hardship.”

“Challenge yourself: Launch an idea and know that your colleagues and peers will support you. Put faith in your legs and climb that mountain, one step after the next. Sign up for a class a subject that terrifies you. Start something new. Fearless girls are able to separate their fear from what they have to do in the moment: learning to fly a plane despite a few of heights, twirling in the air and trusting your teammates to catch you, or believing in your ability to conquer something that no one, even you, thought you could do.”

“I wanted to stop. I never did.” – Michelle, age 9

Story: “Strong is someone who takes hardships life throws at them and never gives up. When my parents died from cancer months apart from each other, I worked really hard in school so that I could make them proud.” – Faith, age 18

“Cancer stole part of my leg but not my joy. I choose happiness. Being happy is my superpower.” – Grace B., age 12

Statistics or Research:

Women earn an estimated average of just 79 cents for every dollar their male counterparts make.

In sports broadcasting, female athletic competitions represent 5% of the allotted airtime.

In film and tv, female protagonists make up 12& of cinematic roles.

Takeaway Tips:

Don’t be afraid to be completely yourself. Celebrate who you are.

Be fearless, take risks, have courage, that’s the best way to live a life you love.

Find your inner strength. You know it’s in you.

My Biggest Takeaway: It’s never too late to grow, to challenge yourself. When you have that childlike spirit, you believe anything in possible. Harness that energy and put it towards something positive.

Who Is This Book For: Every girl and woman on this planet. (Boys and men, give this book to your daughter, sister, or niece too.)

Why Do I Recommend This Book?: This book reminds me of how, when we believe in ourselves, we’re truly limitless. If I had a daughter, I’d love to read this book to her. Just as captivating as the pictures are the quotes that go along with them. I love the fact that each girl was unabashedly herself!


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