March 9 2017

Have an Amazing Weekend!

On Friday, Sam and I will be going to LA to meet up with a consultant about starting a fashion brand. I’m excited because I think this is the start of something big! Right after, we’re headed to Big Bear with Sam’s side of the family, we’ll be celebrating some of the kids’ birthdays. (Can you believe that Parker is turning five next week? Where did the time go?)

Sorry, no Fun Links of the Week! Ok, here’s a few, delivered to you early, that you may want to check out:

Did you know that there is a house that breaks up when you do?

Can you guess which country is becoming a massive global tech hub?

What would fashion be without these women designers?

I love this statue and what it stands for.

Are you excited about the superbloom?

See you back on Monday!

Brendan McDermid/Reuters


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