June 10 2016

Fun Links of the Week

What are you up to this weekend? We’re headed to my older sister, Grace’s house for an early Father’s Day celebration. Time for some BBQing and swimming. Then, we’re celebrating a friend’s son’s first birthday on Sunday. It’ll be a busy weekend, chauffeuring the kids around while trying to get in their naps. Poor Logan is coming down with a cold so I hope we won’t have to cancel all of our plans. It feels like every other week the kiddos are getting sicks! I blame daycare.

Speaking of daycare, we’re moving Parker to a legitimate preschool starting in July. I’m afraid he’s going to miss all of his friends at the daycare. Hope it won’t be too much of a transition for him. The guy is independent, though. Once a week, he spends the night at grandma and grandpa’s house, which gives me and Sam some much needed free time. (Oh, do we cherish it!)

And now for the Fun Links of the Week:

This guy’s spot on with his transformations to Disney princesses.

Surreal in-camera photos of wildflowers in the Death Valley desert in California.

IKEA has a new museum? Would be kinda cool to go. Sweden, anyone?

Would be fun to spend a day getting lost in this infinite bookstore.

Must try this sweet, not salty gochujang. (I think gochujang is having its moment.)

Liking Etsy’s new digs. Yay for outdoor courtyards and roofs!

Enjoying Ellie Davies’ forest work.

Though I like collecting interesting notebooks, Moleskines, will forever have my heart.

Why Hamilton became a phenomenon. Got to see this!

A photographer to follow who’s a whiz at controlling color.

Wow that’s one trippy sculpture of a wolf.

Street artist Seth GlobePainter paints large murals in the China countryside.

Glass elevator by Sam Sklar.

Banksy comes out of hiding to give a gift to school children.

Life is Tough print by RainCityDesign Co.

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