February 24 2017

Fun Links of the Week

So it’s really happening! I’m attending the LA Textile Show next week to cover the latest trends in fashion. Also, I’ll be looking to find some inspiration in creating my own clothing line. I already have an idea of what particular piece I’m going to try to master, first, but we’ll see if life takes me elsewhere.

Since I’ve been looking for fashion and business inspiration, this week’s Fun Links of the Week will be devoted to those topics. (Plus, I’ll throw in some art.) I’ll see you on Thursday! Will try and keep you updated via Instagram.

This video on Refinery29 made me realize how pivotal some moments in your life can be.

Inspirational podcasts for business geeks. (I could listen to all of them.)

Metallic blue and red pom shoe? Let me give you my money. (Ahh! Sold out.)

There’s a 1,000-person waitlist for these sneakers.

Roy Choi is my hero! To restart your career at 38?! Nuts.

I think I need this chic mirror. (It’s affordable!)

Chriselle Lim can do no wrong. Check out those metallic boots.

Topshop sells this item every ten seconds.

The negative space mani? How interesting.

These lace-up leggings are cool/different.

I don’t think I can pull off the bomber jacket look, but if I could I’d sport this one. (Simple and pretty.)

Pink is in and so are ruffles. If I had all the money in the world I’d live in this.

W Magazine predicted the fashion trends that will be on display at the Oscars. Emma Stone in Chanel? Yes, please.

I’d love to have one of these ceramic succulents on my desk.

Pic: I want to peep my head into this. Photo by Tyrone Turner for the NY Times.


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