January 20 2017

Fun Links of the Week

Today we officially say goodbye to Barack and Michelle Obama and we welcome a new family into the White House. It’s a sad but monumental day.

Have you seen the side by side comparison of Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s inauguration crowds?

I like how the White House is/was referred to the People’s House.

Street art inspired by Bob Dylan, writers and poets. I dig it.

A hotdog topped with pickled peppers, wasabi relish, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, minced onion, furikake and seaweed? Sign me up!

Let’s look back by viewing these 15+ intimate photos Of Barack & Michelle Obama.

Ellen DeGeneres honors Barack Obama in the only way she can.

One day, I’d like to decorate my house (and dress up) in only gray, white, pink, and gold. Here’s a pink chair that I’d want to start with. (See it in blush.)

You’ve got to give it to the new first lady. That sky blue inauguration outfit was classy.

We can all learn a little something from Hillary Clinton today.

Yay for Amazon Prime!

20 habits that could change your life. via CupofJo

Shepard Fairey’s new protesting posters are stunning.

This gold mirror leather zip pouch is calling my name.

Watching Bri Emery’s (of Design Love Fest) Stockholm subway series makes me want to travel.

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