December 2 2016

Fun Links of the Week

Are you in the Christmas spirit? I feel like we just finished our leftover Thanksgiving food, I’m just not ready for Christmas! I still have to buy the tree and decorate the house but I’m actually looking forward to it. Parker’s almost five now so he’s much more aware of all of the holidays, which is fun, but a bit nerve wracking.

In any case, what are you up to this weekend? My sister, Carol, is getting an award from the California Bar Association. She’ll be giving a short speech. I’ve already heard it and it’s hilarious. We bought new dresses and we’re getting our hair done. I’m so proud of her!

Now, let’s look back on the fun links of the week.

My whole life, I never wore eyeshadow but since my sister turned my on to this, I just can’t get enough. It’s shimmery and pretty. (Love Lottie-Plum.)

Forget gingerbread houses, these are much better.

You don’t have to fly all the way to NY to see this year’s best holiday window displays. (Tiffany’s is gorgeous!)

Shonda Rhimes is my hero. (Her book was inspirational.)

Just bought these instruments for my two boys. (Shhh, it’s one of their Christmas gifts.) via ACupofJo

If you’re in Miami for Art Basel, make sure to drop by the Juxtapoz Clubhouse.

If London’s more your thing, check out their new Design Museum.

I’m all about gift guides. My favorites are from ACupofJo, Emily Henderson and Frenchbydesign.

Cutest apron set for little helpers and tiny chefs.

I think I need this handy little screw.

Can’t get enough of this show. (I’m finally caught up.)

Just bought these leggings for my friend “Kat”.

This short holiday film warmed by heart.

Finally…I did it!

Photo: Mikkel Vang

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