November 29 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend Hike With the Family

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? My side of the family came over on Friday and we had a feast! Everyone stayed over a night and on Saturday morning we do what we always do, we went on a hike at my favorite nature spot, Santa Rosa Plateau. While last year we saw the vernal pools, this time we hiked Granite Loop, which is around the Visitor Center. On this hike, you walk by large oak trees and huge rocks and there’s even a beautiful resting spot with benches. There, we did our own version of the mannequin challenge! (I’ll try to upload it soon.)

Now, let’s take a look at it all in pictures.


I bought my niece, Berry, this adorable unicorn hoodie from Target. (It’s only $20 and it’s on sale right now for 30% off.) She wore it on our hike.


My sister, Carol, is really big into making 3D models. This one is made out of paper, it’s a gold palace. She showed it to me right before we went on our hike.


When we got to Santa Rosa Plateau, I was able to snap this quick shot of Parker with Berry. The two really love each other.


Not everyone was thrilled about hiking. My nephew, Riverton, was a little grumpy.


We went into the Vistor Center and checked out some of the exhibits. This is my sister, Carol, along with her husband Burt.


The kids had a blast looking through the various exhibits. It was like a mini museum.


Carol’s oldest son, Evan, is the apple of my eye. I call him my “first son” because he was the first kid born out of my whole family.


Before the hike, there’s an open amphitheater area for shows. Carol found it the perfect place to practice her tai chi.


Everyone was bundled up for the hike. It was 59 degrees. Chilly for us Californians.


As we were walking we came across star confetti in the dirt. It looked so pretty I had to take a picture of it.


We finally got to the benches and the kids began to prepare for the mannequin challenge. We told them to “freeze”!


This is my Grace’s husband and their two kids.


My sister, Grace, dyed her hair this really pretty red color. She kind of looks like a superhero now. Here she is posing with one of my best friends, Kat.


Take a look at that huge rock next to my family. There’s so many interested sights to see on this hike.


I always like capturing shots of mothers or fathers holding hands with their children. (I secretly wish I had some of those from my own childhood.)


This is my sister, Carol, with her two older boys. They were playing word games. I like how they all look so engaged.


Some of the family walked far ahead of us. I was able to grab this wide shot that shows you just how beautiful and majestic Santa Rosa Plateau is.


The last people to show was the youngest member of our family, Riverton, along with his dad Burt. Again, like the juxtaposition of the huge trees and bushes next to people.


This last picture is of Sam, carrying Logan, and of my two brother-in-laws, Burt and Keith. I know I’m a little biased here but isn’t this a great picture of them? They’re all such great guys, too. I love my family!


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