June 14 2016

An Early Father’s Day Celebration

This past Saturday, my side of the family gathered at my older sister, Grace’s house, for an early Father’s Day celebration. All the kids came together to eat some galbi and then swim in the community pool. I tried practicing my photography. All of the photos were shot naturally, I never asked one of the the kids to pose. I’m not sure if that’s the kind of photography I like or if I’m just naturally drawn to authentic moments, you know, the kind that just unfolds before your very eyes.


Instead of grilling the galbi, we pan-fried it and then stuck it in the oven. What’s a family meal like without galbi?


We brought Parker’s scooter. My sister has a lot of space in the back of her house where the kids can play. That’s Berry, my niece, behind him, rollerblading around.


I like how little Logan looks in this photo. Pictures like this remind me of how small he actually is, still.


That’s Berry touching Riverton’s arm. I caught a sweet moment between cousins.


There’s Logan being held by Sammy. He’s always in the same spot, above the left shoulder.


My brother-in-law, Keith, just finished the deck. Having a deck changes the whole dynamic of the house. All the adults and kids could be in one room (and not split up, upstairs and downstairs).


These are two of the older kids, Evan and Bobby. They’re enjoying cookies out on the new deck.


Grace bought each of the dads a succulent for Father’s Day. The reason? It’s hard to kill them!


Though Riverton is now old enough to walk, I still like the juxtaposition of him crawling on the floor while his cousin is standing up.


I like how Berry isn’t looking into the camera. She wrapped herself up into this blanket because it was getting chilly.


Here’s my Logan after a nice, long sip of apple juice.


This is one of my favorite shots. Evan, the oldest kid, didn’t know I shot this photo of him. He looks pensive.


Evan and Bobby horsing around on the couch. Bobby really looks up to Evan.


Logan all dressed up and ready to go swimming.


Parker trying on Berry’s swim goggles.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there.


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