November 10 2016

Fun Links of the Week

With tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, Parker and Logan’s school/daycare will be closed. Did I tell you that baby Logan started daycare? He’s only gone once (he’s been sick) but, on that one day he did go, he only cried for five minutes and then was great the rest of the day. (What a champ!) I was, of course, a nervous wreck, all day, but was gleaming with pride when I heard that he not only survived, he thrived! I’ll be taking the day off, tomorrow, to hang out with my little buddies.

Saturday night is the opening reception of Audrey Kawasaki’s and Stella Im Hultberg’s solo shows at Thinkspace. I would love to go to that but I have an early morning event on Sunday. It’s the 5K run, I mentioned way back when. My sisters, a few friends and I are all taking part of the Mission Inn Run in Riverside. Wish me luck! (I just hope my legs don’t give out!)

Now, brought to you a day early, here are the fun links of the week.

Have you heard of this year’s Christmas toy craze? It’s the new Tickle Me Elmo. (Here it is on Amazon.)

I love Andrea Minini’s new animal illustrations (especially the cranes).

If I bought this sweatshirt, I wouldn’t take it off for awhile.

Would you join this all-womans club?

Looking to get reinspired with your photography? Here are some practical tips.

Seth Meyers spoke on behalf of a lot of us when he talked about Trump’s win.

I love how you can wear this necklace many different ways. (Lariat, choker or pendant.)

This is one pretty lunar calendar.

Some uplifting movies to help you get through these uncertain times. (Can’t wait for La La Land.)

Tips on ways to stop overthinking.

Emma Watson knows that we could all use some wise words right about now.

I’d love to have this sculpture on my desk, it’s just perfectly surreal.

Subway Therapy is such a simple but sweet way to show people what we’re all feeling.

Lindy West’s opinion essay, Her Loss, on the The New York Times was moving.

Should we all start wearing safety pins?

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