September 23 2016

Fun Links of the Week

It was a tough week. I was out for two days, feeling a bit under the weather. Got lots of sleep but felt very bad that the site was silent. I promise, I’ll be up and rearing to go next week!

This weekend, I’m meeting up with some girlfriends in Los Angeles for a bachelorette party. All girls, should be a blast.

A new book showcases the work of Vogue’s influential creative director, Grace Coddington. (You can buy it, here.)

Curing every disease is a crazy goal, but it’s one worth shooting for.

Does he deserve to be on the cover of TIME?

Never lose anything of importance again? Sold!

One of my favorite photographers just got a tattoo of his son’s name. Sweet.

The talent! Like these fungi and floral sculptures produced from recycled paper by Kate Kato.

I heart minimalist watches.

Stop painting your furniture – bleach it instead.

Made me laugh. What animals would look like if they had eyes at the front?

Love these delicately beautiful tattoos by South Korean artist Hongdam. (The whale’s tail!)

Think you’d have the guts to participate in this?

11 days to go on Kickstarter. Still contemplating whether or not I should back this project.

Photo: Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen, shot by Tim Walker/Condé Nast Publications

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