August 19 2016

Fun Links of the Week

How has your week been? We celebrated Sam’s birthday this past week and mine is coming up next Friday. We’re 10 days apart so we try to live it up during those days in between as much as we can. What does that mean for the weekend? Who knows but I definitely want to get out of town.

Now, let’s get into the fun links of the week.

Funniest t-shirt I’ve seen in awhile. (This one, too.)

Best places to get a drink and a view. (Love Ace in LA.)

Modern kimono. I like.

10 Hidden Secrets In History’s Greatest Artworks. A fascinating read.

Did someone say watermelon smoothie?

Really digging this trend, patched jeans.

Wish I had a daughter so I could dress her in this. (Yes, I have a clear obsession for rainbows.)

I’m not a cat person but this embroidered bag is just so adorable.

This tiny crescent moon necklace is so delicate and pretty.

I want to pose for pictures like this.

Might need this on my next plane ride.

Going to try and say these words to my sons.

I actually like this year’s NBC’s Olympics sets.

I know I don’t need them, but I want them all.

Skiing all year round is not a dream anymore.

Enter the deadliest garden in the world. Freaky!

Do you travel alone? I enjoyed reading this blog post by artist Lisa Congdon.

Photo by Brooke Dombroski.

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