July 29 2016

Fun Links of the Week

I just learned that Bill Clinton loves balloons. (This made me happy, for some reason.)

Tea and ink painter Carne Griffiths opens a new show. (Love the hummingbird paintings.)

Have you ever heard of a plotagraph? Photographer Trey Ratcliff explains how you can make cool moving photos like his mesmerizing Burning Man picture.

Is the world really getting worse, as many people perceive, or is our information about what’s wrong simply getting better?

I hope to do this with my kids’ drawings.

Small Cloud Rising is not a how to book for church. It is an imaginative and poetic literary portal into the past and the future of church.

Nikon users, isn’t this a beauty?

Looking for the ultimate LBD? (It’s sold out, already!)

Virtual reality stock photos are unintentionally comic genius.

Wow, this is an intensely beautiful version of Beauty and the Beast.

Did you see the eye-roll of the century? Made me laugh.

Obama and Clinton’s hug gets photoshopped.

I want this fireflies print by Ray LaMontagne.

45 designers were invited to create a pin or set of three pins in support of Hillary Clinton. (I like Jenna Blazevich’s and Arem Duplessis’ button sets.)

Love installations like this! French creative duo Mickael Martins Afonso and Caroline Escaffre Faure have installed a series of floating clouds inside a hidden courtyard in Montpellier.

I like this set of pictures. Bill and Hillary Clinton in their hippie days.

Photo via boy-so-pale

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