June 30 2016

Photo a Day Project: Day 2 of 365, Best Fries and Grandma’s House

About once a week, Parker goes to his grandparent’s house to sleep over. He’s four-and-a-half now, which means he’s independent enough spend time with them alone. (My baby is all grown up!) Sam’s parents spoil him, they buy him lots of toys and play water balloon fights. Yesterday, they took him to Finding Dory. (He lasted almost the whole time.) He does the “happy dance” when he knows he’s going to his grandparents’ house. They shower him with love.

On our way back from dropping him off, Sam and I hit a Yellow Basket up for the first time. We had the bacon cheddar fries. Covered with ranch and then topped with melted cheese, bacon and pieces of green onion, the dish was a hit! We couldn’t get over how delicious it was.

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday.


In honor of 4th of July, we bought the boys each a flag. Next to Logan and Sam is a gallery wall we put up of Sam’s parents’ photos. As a hobby, they travel the world taking pictures at different locations.


Anything goes at grandma’s house. When we arrived, she gave the boys some popsicles to help cool them down.


Sam’s mom collects Lladro sculptures. Behind some smaller nude sculptures, you can see the woman on a balcony holding a parasol. It’s one of my favorites.


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