March 6 2017

Practicing Gratitude

I thought I would dedicate today’s post to people or things that I’m grateful for. It’s easy to get lost in our thoughts, dwell on things we wish for or dream about places we wish we could be. It takes a little more effort to stop what we’re doing and remember all the great things around us. Here’s my list.

God – God works in mysterious ways. I’m a Christian, and though my faith has sometimes wavered, I know in my heart that he is real. He has blessed me beyond belief and I feel as though he’s constantly guiding me with his gentle hand.
Sam – I’ve known my husband since 14 (and I’m now 40, so that’s 26 years!) and we’ve been together since we were just freshmen in college. Yes, we’ve broken up a few times in between and we’ve had our tough times but we’ve stuck together. He’s my best friend, the greatest father to our children and just an unbelievable human being. Sam has shown me what unconditional love really means. I couldn’t love him more.
My sister, Carol – My other best friend. She’s that person you call when life breaks down. She calms you down, picks you back up and glues your pieces together. She’s also unbelievably hilarious, she tells you like it is.
My sister, Grace – I know she always has my back. I can always feel her love.
My mother and father-law – They are like my own parents, they support my dreams. My father-in-law achieved the American dream, he’s an entrepreneur at heart, and I respect him tremendously.
Parker, my first son – Parker is a gift from heaven. I don’t deserve to have a son like him. When he tells me he loves me, my heart melts. He’s just so pure and sweet, he makes me believe that there is good in this world.
Logan, my second son – Logan has recently warmed up to me, for the first almost three years of his life he was attached to Sam. When he finally came around, and we developed our own bond, I realized how selective he is with his love. When he gives it, he gives it with his whole heart.
Kat – Kat is one my closest friends. She’s unbelievably brave and she emits this positive energy. Whenever we’re both going through a life change, we keep each other motivated. It’s impossible to find such a sweet spirit like hers.

Quick list of the other things I am grateful for:
Starbucks’ drinks
Apple for creating such beautifully designed phones (Steve Jobs, you were brilliant but you were nuts (I read the book))
Nature, in particular Santa Rosa Plateau and rainbows
Gittindown – my close group of friends
My high school friends
Friends who are like my family and family who are like my friends – Burt, Sonny, Kevin, Danny, Arlene
My dogs, Fozzie and Charlie
My new LA friends
(This is an ongoing list)

Art: Julien “Seth” Malland aka Seth Globepainter


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