June 29 2016

Photo a Day Project: Day 1 of 365, Ice Cream Truck and Walking Dogs

To kick off of my Photo a Day project, I bring you a photo of the kids going crazy over an ice cream truck. Remember when life was this simple? I captured six more images yesterday, that I’d like to share with you today.


So many choices! I remember those hot days when my siblings and I would stand in front of an ice cream truck waiting for our bomb pops or strawberry shortcakes.


The menu items haven’t changed much since we were kids. Of course, the prices have gone up.


Sam and I were so surprised that our little Logan was able to walk Charlie all by himself! They probably weigh the same and Logan’s only two! He held on tightly to that leash.


Parker prefers to walk his dog, Fozzie.


Sam and I are always trying to steal a kiss from our kids.


That’s our Fozzie bear. He’s four years old but people still mistake him for a puppy.


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