May 27 2016

Fun Links of the Week

Remember American Giant, the hoodie and t-shirt maker? I got my white t-shirts and I love them! They’re the perfect fit and length and Sam loves this lightweight hoodie I bought for him in black. Highly recommend.

The cutest stamps hang on the edges of envelopes (via Quipsologies)

Watching this makes me want to get into street photography. (via Kottke)

Is it time to try out vibrating shoes?

This watering hole in Hawaii looks beautiful yet scary.

Looking to remodel? Here’s a guide with 200 custom color schemes based on every room in a home so you can find ideas for any type of remodeling project. (I always prefer white.)

These are not your average fish tanks.

Make your own happiness.

Simple in design, the tree lamp creates a beautiful shadow.

Are you a fan of coworking spaces?

Logo lovers, take a look.

Now that’s a beautifully adorned garage.

JR’s Louve illusion.

I must say, because of Instagram I’m liking Emilia Clarke more and more.

Does this news about Steve McCurry disappoint you?

Pretty neat video of Send My Love by Adele.

Artwork by James Bullough. “Breaking Point” and “Good Hurt”.

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