January 22 2016

Fun Links of the Week #9

It’s been quite a week! Just when Logan was starting to feel better, Parker came down with the flu and Sam and I got colds. I had to take a “sick” day yesterday just to get my bearings. Looks like we’ll be in hibernation mode this weekend so we can all get some much needed rest. February’s filled with lots of weekend trips so we’re all trying to get healthy before the excitement hits! Have a great weekend, everyone. Oh, and enjoy these fun links of the week.

February 8th, 2016 kicks off the Year of the Monkey. The Aquamarine Fukushima in Japan has opened a must-see exhibition.

Swimming puppy + rain = adorable.

I really like Chris Hadfield so I’m hoping this is good.

What does President Obama keep in his pockets?

You don’t even have to be a comic book geek to get excited about this. (Warning: Lots of violence.)

For the animated gif lover.

I need this cloud cutting board (and everything else in this list).

This Shiba Inu holds the key to my heart.

Good tips on how to survive your first year as a freelancer.

8 places to indulge yourself in 2016. Ooo Morocco!

Jacob Tremblay’s speech was adorable and his dancing is spot on!

Tips on the art of collecting. “Buy what you love, but really look and see what you like. Ask lots of questions and don’t be put off by snotty gallery owners.”

Cleverest key car key holder.

Photo by Christophe Jacrot.

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