January 8 2016

Fun Links of the Week #7

How was your week? Logan is down for the count. We think he has another ear infection so we’re off to the doctor’s today. Poor guy. It’s his fourth one in six months. We were planning on going to Lake Arrowhead with the family this weekend (it’s my sister’s birthday) but I think we’re staying home with the little guy instead. In any case, hope you have a fantastic weekend! As we look back on the week, here are some fun links.

This is the next book I’d like to read. Here’s the review from the NY Times.

Is it time for our shoes to be dazzled? Love that first one.

Have you seen the new Oh Joy for Target line? Makes me want to have another baby.

This is the prettiest sweater I’ve seen in a long time. (Too bad it’s already sold out.)

Tips on making awesome animated gifs. (via SwissMiss)

Drone footage captures New Year’s fireworks over Lima, Peru. Pretty!

This Inception-like coffee table is pretty cool.

All white house with rainbow stairs. Yes!

I’m really loving this tattoo trend.

I think I may get my husband this book. It’s from his favorite website.

The 7 best ideas from CES 2016. It’s all about VR.

This London cat makes me laugh. Love the look on his face.

Now that’s dedication (and an epic shot).

Photo from here.

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