December 4 2015

Fun Links of the Week #4


Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. Let’s get this (weekend) party started with some fun links around the web.

Attach some gifs to your next email. I love high-five!

I’ve always wanted to create this floating Christmas tree.

How cool is this stained glass movie poster of Robocop?

SwitchArt has me intrigued.

This sushi trend is cool but creepy.

Have you heard of Udemy? I want to take this class.

Just bought this book. Think it’ll help me draw?

This Frida Kahlo sculpture looks amazingly real.

I bought this book for my sister. Kind of want my own, too.

I can’t wait to take this online class. It’s Annie!

This can be done in 20 seconds? I don’t believe it.

How cute is this robe?

The hands up bowl made me smile.

I love this video of Mark and Priscilla.

My dream chair is on sale.

The best line this week: “I only want to worry about milk and diapers.”

A delightful New Yorker cover (that’s animated!) shows a parenting gaffe.

Photo, called “You are Scary!,” is by Evgeny Tchebotarev. “I’ve met this cute child in a Tibetan monastery. The woman came to the temple to pray, usually for the health and wealth of herself, her children or her family. The prayers involve walking around spiritual places in a temple in many circles, sometimes for many hours throughout the day, while saying prayers, either aloud or silently. Her child was looking from his top position on her back, scared of strange people, like yours truly.”

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