November 20 2015

Fun Links of the Week #2

The album is here! Go behind the scenes of “Hello.”

I love tattlys! Now you can visit their temporary tattoo parlor.

These animal tattoos are just up my alley.

Heart palpitating slackline video.

Cute! When you pass out in party and wake up still partying.

Gimme Flair! Want “Boo the Ghost.”

Love superheroes? Check out the “Super Shadows” series.

How busy parents manage life. Enlist the village!

I want to be an ewok.

Would you trust this tattoo artist?

Darth Vader is just like us.

Pray for Paris.

Cat pubs. It’s a thing.

If I was a man, I’d want this.

Love these plant leaves in frames.

Edible gifts. I’m in love with those croissants! (It’s a family tradition.)

This is how you do winter white.

This week, this three part HONY story made me happy. (See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.)

Must watch! Joseph Gordon-Levitt slays “Rhythm Nation“.

(Photo by Shayne Laverdière.)

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